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Gli scontri di piazza a Singapore e gli operai di Monfalcone

Fong Hoe Fang

Mi è stato chiesto più volte come mai il mio Noi Siamo La Classe Operaia, storia italiana di quasi sessant’anni orsono, sia stato tradotto in inglese e pubblicato nell’Asia del Sud est da un editore di Singapore. La risposta la trovate anche nella mail qui sotto. Fong Hoe Fang, rispondendo a una mia domanda sui fatti di Singapore (la prima grossa rivolta di piazza da parte di alcuni dei settecentomila lavoratori immigrati a Singapore, qui dall’Economist), scrive così – e lo lascio in inglese, perché il candore e la schiettezza della sua risposta mi sembrano meglio risaltare:

“My friend,

The riot was a surprise to the government because they had always thought that all they did was for the good of all men, without listening to the ground.Those of us who were closer to the ground, and who have a betterunderstanding of psychology knew that this is something just waiting to happen. An earlier strike action by Chinese PRC bus drivers was also something ‘new’ to the government, who had never xperienced a serious strike in the last 40 years as well. That was just the advance warning. I don’t think Singapore as represented by the government wants to open up anew era willingly.

The old one worked too well for them. But it was lop-sided, and in the end, Marx’s insights will not go away. So, if they are really for society, they will take heed and learn the real lessons of this riot instead of resorting to law and denial to save their face.

I remember back in the late 80′s, a left-leaning Catholic priest and I were deep in conversation. We were dumb-founded and saddened by the advance of
capitalism and the retreat of socialism all over the world. We felt that socialism had lost the war. But then, the priest (who was older and wiser
than myself then) said, “It’s a cycle. Socialism will return. It’s in the nature of man.”

Socialism may never return in the way, or with the force it had in the past. But the values it carry and stand for are what makes us human. And while it
may disappear under the inexorable advance of capitalistic forces, it will never go away. That’s my view. And that’s the way it is looking now for the
rest of the world as well. In some way or other, Marx will surface.”

Io non concordo in pieno con Fang. Ma mi piacciono lo stile, la passione.


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